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Prosper202 : Split Testing Offers with Landing Pages

In this video I am showing you how to split test different offers using a landing page. I am using a customized script you have to download before watching this video. Place this script in the same folder as your landing page files. Credits to CTRTard for creating this script.

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Prosper202 : PPV Campaigns on Media Traffic

This is a quick video on setting up a PPV campaign on Media Traffic. I am using Prosper202 Advanced Landing Pages, and I am showing you how to get the keyword tracking working properly with Media Traffic. Any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer asap! 🙂

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Prosper202 : Advanced Landing Pages

Okey, so I just did a video on setting up and tracking advanced landing pages with Prosper202. It is a bit more “advanced” than setting up direct linking campaigns, but this video should explain it in detail. If there is any question, please leave your comments below. I will also create a followup video for […]

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prosper202 direct linking

Prosper202 : Direct Linking Campaigns

Here is a in depth video on how to set up general Direct Linking campaigns in Prosper202. Any questions, please leave your comments below and I will answer them asap. Enjoy the video!

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Prosper202 : Direct Linking on Traffic Vance

Here is a detailed video on how to setup tracking for your direct linking PPV Campaign on Traffic Vance. It’s easy and pretty straight forward, but as usual if you have any questions leave a comment below!

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Prosper202 : Installation

I’ve got a lot of requests lately about how to install Prosper202. So I decided to put together a video which shows in detail what needs to be done. I’m showing you how to set up a database, uploading the .zip file, everything done easily through cPanel (you don’t even need FTP!). Enjoy! As usual, […]

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