Prosper202 Hosting Is Shared Hosting Good Enough?

For my own Prosper202 Hosting, I have personally never trusted a shared hosting plan, unless it’s for a public blog you want to hide from all your other work. If you are running paid PPC/CPV campaigns like most of us affiliate marketers, I would strongly suggest you invest in a VPS or Dedicated server. A VPS is sufficient for starting up and you can get one as cheap as $49 per month.

The shared server has got way to many things that can go wrong with it in my opinion. And besides, $49 per month isn’t really that much if your planning on making a living working online. When you do shared hosting, keep in mind that you also share the IP with the other users on the same server. So if they do something to piss i.e google off, it will affect your sites as well. So my best tip is to get a VPS 🙂

Which Prosper202 Hosting do I use?

My favorite hosting provider is Wired Tree. I have been with them for about a year now, and have had 0 downtime and their support is fast and excellent. I’ll include my affiliate link for you guys here, if your interested.

Visit the Wiredtree Website Here

If you have any other questions in regards to Prosper202 Hosting or if you need more details, be sure to contact me or leave your comments below.

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