Scrapebox I love it already!

Okey, so I just started watching some videos on how to use ScrapeBox, and what this software actually does. It basically takes a pattern/string as input and searches google for that pattern. I.e you get a list of all the vBulletin forums containing your “keyword” sorted by their PR. How cool is that?

This means, you can find high PR forums, high PR blogs (in your niche) where you can easily get backlinks fast.

Scrapebox – The Challenge

This will of course be how to automate scrapebox. I am thinking whether or not I can use SENuke with it, but I am not sure. SENuke might not support custom forum URLs into it. I might have to get ScoreBox as well (think that’s the name of it). Maybe it can be outsourced cheap as well hmm, will have to discuss this with my Master Mind group!

Anyways, I’m 110% sure it’s worth the $97 investment. I’m gonna go and buy right now. (I just loove new software, and what I want now is S to the CRAPEBOX!)

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